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One Week in the App Store: International!

Apple has a nice system for following detailed stats about your App’s sales. I was happy to see the there were some sales in the first week! But most interesting was that there were sales all around the world, in every continent (except Antarctica).

HeartCharts sales have occurred in these countries: USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Israel, and Nigeria.


HeartCharts iPad App now available

I received an email from Apple at 1:15 AM on 7/12/2013:

“The status for your app, HeartCharts (669797925), is now Ready for Sale.”

Interesting that by the next AM, 3 individuals had downloaded the app…from Brazil, Netherlands, and Taiwan.

Now time to work on some new charts to add (I’m thinking Pacemaker, Myocardial Infarction, and Aortic Regurgitation).


New “Developer”

I decided an iPad app would be an excellent way to implement some patient education ideas. And I wanted to do the design, content creation, and coding myself. This was all new to me, and I wanted to remember what I was learning and doing, so I am keeping a hand written notebook, now up to 129 full pages and counting.

Artwork and animations were done with a program called Animate from Toon Boom Animation. This is a high level, very sophisticated, and somewhat expensive program, but it turned out to be a great choice. Each scene is created in vector format, so I could then easily export bitmap images at any resolution, which was very helpful to experiment with how different sizes might fit best on the screen. This also makes it easier to duplicate images at different resolutions for standard vs retina display screens. A Wacom tablet is essential to get the most out of Animate.

I used a program called Acorn for manipulating bitmap images, creating custom buttons and labels, etc. Acorn is a very nice substitute for Photoshop, much less expensive and easier to use. Every Mac user should have this app.

The content creation for the iPad app is mostly done. However, my plan is to add more in future version.

Getting Started

This experience begins as somewhat of an afterthought.

What I’ve really been working on is an iPad app to use in my office for patient education. I’m a cardiologist, of the noninvasive type. That means I talk to patients, examine patients, diagnose patients, and treat patients. I evaluate patients with complaints that may or may not be from the heart, manage patients with heart disease, and try to prevent problems and complications as much as possible. I do stress testing and echocardiography, but not cardiac catheterizations, stents, ablations, pacemakers, or other such “invasive” procedures.

I spend a lot of time talking with conscious and alert people who want to know what is wrong with them, what is the nature of their problem, and what can be done about it. Other patients act like they don’t want to know any details, and I have to convince them that more knowledge has significant physical and emotional benefits. Then, of course, there are problems with incorrect assumptions and misinformation, perhaps not really related to an individual patient’s specific situation, ideas which they may have picked up from friends or family, the internet, news outlets, or even other medical people. So, educating patients turns out to be one of the most important things I do.

Next time I’ll get into where this desire for me to do a better job with patient education has been leading.