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Version 1.1

Version 1.1 has been completed, sent to Apple, approved, and on now on the App Store to download. This version added a chart for Aortic Regurgitation, in the Valve Disease collection.

This upgrade was made more complicated because the Apple Developer online site was largely taken down for a while, apparently after some hacking event. So some stuff which should be automatic was made a lot more difficult. For each App, Apple requires what are called “Certificates” for development and distribution, as well as “Provisioning Profiles” and “code signing.” Information about the App and the developer has to be coordinated online, in the testing device, in Xcode, and in the App Store. All of this is for protection, but makes things complicated, especially having to do it manually. But the documentation was relatively easy to follow, and I ended up learning a lot and understanding it more by having to go through the process. Future upgrades (which will be coming!) should be much easier.

I did find one mistake! When the new version is opened on the iPad, the home page still indicates “Version 1.0.” I forgot to change that text. So the next version will go from 1.0 to 1.2. Everything else seems to work OK. (I haven’t received any reports of problems or any suggestions from anyone yet).