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Version 2.4 is “ready for sale”

Version 2.4 adds a lot more information about atherosclerosis. This subject is a lot more complicated that the initial “chart” may have implied. I tried to give more recent information about plaque rupture and about how plaque forms.

Version 2.5 will probably be out soon…this adds a chart about Coronary Bypass Surgery.

HeartCharts 2.3

Finally, I’ve almost finished the next upgrade to HeartCharts. (Excuses: my old MacBook Pro from 2007 had to be replaced, and I upgraded to Yosemite, and to Xcode 6… I am liking all the new stuff!) HeartCharts 2.3 will add a new “General Cardiology” section, with 3 new charts: Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, and Hypertension. The new software upgrades allow video previews on the App Store, so I will do that… and plan to also post the video on this site.

HeartCharts 2.0 approved and available

Wow! Version 2.0 was submitted to the Apple App Store on 12/18/13 and approved on 12/20/18. Surprisingly quick, maybe because they were working overtime before closing iTunes Connect for a 5-day Christmas break. iTunes Connect is the developer site where you manage your apps, including submitting new apps and updates. You can also check the number of app sales by date and by country, and review financial reports to see how much you may have earned. So now I’ll update with up-to-date images and start thinking about 2.1 (maybe “Hypertension” and “Congestive Heart Failure”?).


HeartCharts iPad App now available

I received an email from Apple at 1:15 AM on 7/12/2013:

“The status for your app, HeartCharts (669797925), is now Ready for Sale.”

Interesting that by the next AM, 3 individuals had downloaded the app…from Brazil, Netherlands, and Taiwan.

Now time to work on some new charts to add (I’m thinking Pacemaker, Myocardial Infarction, and Aortic Regurgitation).